Principal's Message

Tena koutou katoa, nau mai haere mai.

Mālō e lelei, talofa, nǐ hǎo, bula, namaste, konnichiwa, sveiki, sat srī akāl, hola

Our school has a strong place within the Vardon community, situated as it is within the heart of a strong retail, business and industrial area. The school has a proud history of successfully responding to and meeting the needs of its children, and working alongside parents and the wider community.

Like many well established primary schools, we cater for a diverse range of students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. To do that successfully we rely on working well as a team, maintaining strong relationships between staff and children, and with our families and whanau. We also benefit from very successful and sound working relationships with educational agencies across our community, as well as our local Scott's Church, Sport Waikato and Environment Waikato.

Our learning programmes are well planned, and based on considered beliefs about what makes the greatest difference to children's learning and development. We make use of current educational research but we also make good use of our own experience from working with our children over time. We take an innovative approach and look for ways to improve how effectively we meet our children's needs. This is especially true for building social capital through our 5 R's; Reflection, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Relationships, Respect and Sense of Belonging. As well as the essential areas of numeracy and literacy. 

Children at Vardon School are afforded a wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities. We place a strong emphasis on building essential life skills and social capital, based on an agreed set of school Learning Dispositions  the 5 R's and our school learning competencies. 

I have the good fortune of working with a dedicated and skilful team of educators. We are extremely well governed by a highly supportive board of trustees and supported further by a financially productive PTA. I look forward to the opportunities we have to continue to seek out and learn about what works best for our children and community, and to put this learning into practice so that together we achieve our vision: "Vardon School community empowers students to fulfil their potential".

Nga mihinui

Shakeeb Kalaam