Board of Trustees

BOT Members

Justin Oliver - Chairperson

Shakeeb Kalaam - Principal

Sonya Woolf - Staff Representative

Marie McIntyre - Parent representative

Michaela Crooks - Parent representative

Clint Patterson - Parent representative

BOT Email 

The Vardon School Board of Trustees is an elected parent body responsible for the governance and strategic direction of our school. The Vardon School Board has up to five Parent Reps, one Staff Rep and the Principal.

The primary responsibility of the Board of Trustees is:

Vardon School ensures all new Board members receive in-depth training to enable them to be confident and competent Trustees. Board of Trustee meetings are held twice a term (normally in week two and week eight) on a Wednesday at 5.30PM in the School Staffroom. These meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend to listen to what is happening at Vardon School. Please check our School Calendar for the date of our next meeting. 

Public Attending Board Meetings Procedure 

The board of trustees welcomes public presence at board meetings and hopes that members of the public enjoy their time observing board meetings. 

In order that members of the public understand the rules that apply to them attending board meetings these procedures will be provided and followed unless otherwise authorised by the board. (see note below) 

Note: Members of the public include staff, students and parents of the school who are not trustees on the board.

Public participation: