Vardon School

We have a sense of belonging by valuing Respect, Kindness, and Learning

Welcome to Vardon School

Established in 1956

A vibrant school and community dedicated to fostering respect, kindness, and a passion for learning among its 360 students. Located in Hamilton City alongside the scenic Waikato River, our school prides itself on embracing diversity.  Our strong connection with Hotumauea, a chief from Nagti Wairere and Tainui, stands strong in the centre of our school and is represented in our school logo.  This diversity enriches our community and strengthens our sense of belonging.

Our school features 15 classrooms staffed by exceptional teachers committed to nurturing each student's potential. Beyond academics, we offer unique facilities such as a bike track, native gardens, sporting, and Kapahaka, which provide students with outdoor activities and cultural and environmental learning opportunities.

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Deputy Principal - Starting Term 4 2024

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Term 3 2024 Vardon School Deputy Principal Advertisement
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